Sperm donation

Our fertility clinic works with the country’s leading sperm bank where there is wide selection of sperm donors available. It is also possible to select and transport the preferred donor from foreign sperm banks.

In Hungary only anonym sperm donation is possible as based on the Hungarian law, sperm donation and IVF treatment is only permitted by anonymous donation, which means, having IVF treatment with donated sperm is only possible by using anonym donor.



Only males, under the age of 35 who are absolutely healthy can be donors! Donors have to go under a very strict screening process and the check-up of donors is a multi-stage process. The donor bank performs a detailed medical examination. The first step of the medical examination is an andrological check-up linked to a sperm examination. This is followed by a genetical and psychological examination. It is not acceptable that a donor may suffer from hereditary diseases; likewise, he should be completely healthy mentally as well. Parallel with this, the sperm bank is convinced by means of laboratory examinations that the candidate does not carry diseases which could be transmitted sexually. AIDS test has a great importance among these check-ups. If so far the candidate complies with the requirements, he gains admittance into the donor bank where he is handled anonymously and registered only by a code number. 

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