Clinic and Team

Dr Jozsef Kiss is specializes in laparoscopic and gastroenterological surgeries and the head surgeon of the Internal Medicine Department of the Szeged Hospital since 2000. He is a member in professional and scientific societies such as the Hungarian Gastroenterology Assosiation, the Hungarian Internal Medicine Assosiation, and the Team of the Regional Gastroenterolgy of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He believes that all Patients have to be treated with special care as they would be family members, whole-heartedly and with professional calling.

The Private Clinic provides complex medical treatments and a wide scale of services to the clients. The Clinic is located at one of the nicest hillside area of Budapest.

The clinical rooms and the two operating rooms are equipped with modern up-to-date facilities. Doctors and staff are highly qualified professionals with many years of experiences of their professional fields and with special emphatic skills.

The main goal of the Clinic is not only to provide quick and flexible administration to Patients, but the highest level of care and services.

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