Clinic and Team

Our Infertility Private Clinic is the only specialised private out and inpatient establishment that treats women’s health issues in a complex manner. According to its traditions, the hospital operates as a conventional obstetric-gynaecological centre, while its subunits within this major area deal with specialised tasks.


The main aim of the hospital is to protect women’s health. Acting according to its principles, the hospital operates as a centre of women’s health in the field of obstetrics-gynaecology, as well as in closely related areas such as andrology, urology and STD.

One of the most important, independent occupational areas of the hospital is the problem of infertility and failed pregnancies.

The reproductive centre has achieved unique results at IVF treatment, with special respect to the above -40 age-group.         

  • The success rate of our Fertility Centre is among the best in Hungary – your chances to get pregnant in our clinic are better than the average.
  • Our protocol is based on international standards and is fast and effective. We can discover the reason for infertility within six weeks.
  • We only perform treatments based on individual and precise tests. We avoid unnecessary hormone overdoses and any treatment that puts too much needless strain on the body. All of our patients are treated according to a personalized plan.
  • Our well-equipped, modern endoscopic operating theatre simplifies the treatment of problems causing infertility, quick recovery is guaranteed by the familiar environment and friendly atmosphere.
  • The doctors in our Fertility Centre are experienced professionals, the staff supporting them operates as a team and our assistants and embryologists are trusted by the patients.
  • We perform necessary tests and treatments very gently and considerately, accompanied by comforting services.


                                                                                     Dr. István Fülöp                                                Erika Varga
                                                                   Leader IVF specialist of Infertility Centre                         Embryologist



                                                          IVF Centre Team                                           


Fully comprehensive examination is ensured by the laboratory and UH-diagnostic sections and the endoscopic centre that carries out the most laparoscopic and hysteroscopy operations in Hungary. Interventions of this type belong to the so-called minimal-invasive forms of medical attendance. This kind of treatment gained a lot of importance lately due to the fact that neither the operation nor the postoperative period puts a heavy load on the body as the intervention is carried out without major cuts (but with incisions of only 1-2 cm in size). Most routine gynaecological operations can be performed by means of laparoscopy or hysteroscopy.

Catering for modern expectations of pregnant women and providing traditional medical services, the institute runs the Robert Karoly Alternative Health Centre. Here a safe and homely atmosphere is provided for mothers in which to give birth.

Meanwhile the centre also introduced a one-day obstetric service and elaborated the customized managed care model.



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