How long does it take to get started with IVF?

From the point of your first contact or first initial consultation with our IVF specialist, you potentially can start an IVF cycle within few weeks.

How many days do I have to spend in Hungary in case of IVF treatment?

You would have to stay in Hungary for 10-12 days in case of IVF treatment.

Why do I have to stay at Budapest for 12 days?

Our main concern is always the health and safety of our Patients. Fertility treatments -like any other medical intervention- carry a risk, even if it is just a very small risk. Staying at Budapest for a week before egg collection is important because this way the medical team can monitor you very closely. They will see you every other day for ultrasound scans (and on some of the days for blood tests) to make sure that everything is fine and the development of your follicles are optimal. This procedure keeps you safe from complications and also gives you a better chance of having a successful treatment and a healthy baby.

Is there a waiting list? How long would I have to wait before IVF?

There is no waiting list at our Clinic. Most of our patients have their first initial consultation with our fertility specialist even within 1-2 weeks after first contacting us and it is possible to start the treatment even in the following month.

Is it necessary to travel to Budapest for the first initial consultation?

Having a personal consultation is not always necessary to be done in Hungary with our fertility specialist. In case the IVF specialist finds everything appropriate based on your medical history and based on the female screening test results -that should be forwarded to our company-, than in this case the doctor could prepare your personalised treatment plan. The IVF treatment plan would be forwarded to you by e-mail together with the copies of all the prescription of the stimulation drugs, and you can start the treatment at home.

Can I make the necessary screening tests at home? Does the Clinic accept results that are performed in my home country?

Yes, you can make all the tests that are necessary for the treatment in your home country.

The Clinic accepts any test results that are not older than 12 months.

How many embryos can be transferred back at one IVF cycle?

Maximum 4 embryos can be transferred back at one IVF cycle. The number of embryos implanted will depend on a number of factors (age of patient, number of previous IVF treatment, and quality of embryos) and will always be a joint decision between the doctor and the patient.

Can we have fertility treatment if I and my partner are not married?

Yes, you can. In Hungary marriage is not a legal requirement for infertility treatment, so you don’t need to be married with your partner, but - based on Hungarian regulations - you need to bring a proof of co-habiting (countersigned by a notary) and neither of you can be married to someone else.

Is there an age limit in Hungary for women undergoing fertility treatments?

According to the recommendation of the Hungarian College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and the decision of our IVF Partner Clinic the IVF treatments has an age limit of 45 year, so unfortunately the Clinic can not undertake treatments above this age.


Yes, women in same sex relationships can also have fertility treatment.


Yes, you can. Our fertility clinic works with the country’s leading sperm bank where there is very wide selection of sperm donors available. It is also possible to select and transport the preferred donor from foreign sperm banks.


In Hungary only anonym sperm donation is possible as based on the Hungarian law, sperm donation and IVF treatment is only permitted by anonymous donation, which means, having IVF treatment with donated sperm is only possible by using anonym donor.


Yes, all sperm donors are anonymous and recipients of donor sperm are allowed access to non-identifying information only. Any individual, conceived with donor sperm doesn’t have the right to request any identifying information. 


No, there is no waiting list and there is a wide selection of donors available. If -for any reason- there isn't suitable donor for your requirement, the donor bank has also access for international donors.


Only males, under the age of 35 who are absolutely healthy can be donors! Donors have to go under a very strict screening process and the check-up of donors is a multi-stage process. The donor bank performs a detailed medical examination. The first step of the medical examination is an andrological check-up linked to a sperm examination. This is followed by a genetical and psychological examination. It is not acceptable that a donor may suffer from hereditary diseases; likewise, he should be completely healthy mentally as well. Parallel with this, the sperm bank is convinced by means of laboratory examinations that the candidate does not carry diseases which could be transmitted sexually. AIDS test has a great importance among these check-ups. If so far the candidate complies with the requirements, he gains admittance into the donor bank where he is handled anonymously and registered only by a code number. 


Yes, embryos can be frozen for the maximum of 10 years.

Can I have IVF treatment with egg donation?

Right now, unfortunately we can’t provide egg donation because of strict Hungarian regulations.

However the regulation let you to donate your close blood relative's eggs, so in case you have a close blood relative who would willing to donate you her eggs (relative shall be under age 35 and have at least one child), your treatment could start anytime.

Can I use my sister's or other relatives' eggs to get IVF treatment?

Yes, you can use your or your husband's relatives' donated eggs for your IVF treatment.

Where can I buy my IVF medication?

You can buy your fertility medication either in your home country or in Hungary as well.  You will receive the prescriptions of your medication via e-mail.

What happens with my embryos that are not implanted?

Embryos can be frozen with a special technique. Later they can be thawed and transferred into your uterus with a process similar to IVF but without getting hormonal stimulation.

How long can my embryos remain frozen?

For maximum 10 years.

What is ICSI? When is it needed?

ICSI (Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is a fertility reproduction technique that can be used with conventional IVF and which increase the success of the treatment. Once the female partner’s eggs are removed, the embryologist will inject one single sperm into the egg. It is recommended and necessary to have ICSI in case of severe male factor infertility, variable sperm counts, in case of previous IVF cycles with no or low rate of fertilization or in case of unexplained infertility. Read more about ICSI

What is AHA? When is it needed?

AHA (assisted hatching) is a reproductive technique that can significantly increase the success rate of IVF. Before embryo transfer a tiny hole is made on the outside layer of the embryo's "shell" making it easier for it to attach to the wall of the uterus, therefore increasing the chances of pregnancy. It is recommended over age 35 or after 2 unsuccessful conventional IVF cycles.

What is a blastocyst transfer?

Blastocyst transfer is an important technique developed for IVF treatment, which maximizes the chance of having a healthy pregnancy, while minimizing risks.

IVF normally involves transferring embryos at about two-three days after fertilisation. Another option is to wait until about five days after fertilisation when the ball of cells has developed into a blastocyst. Only the healthiest embryos will reach the blastocyst stage in vitro, therefore offer a greater chance of implanting. Blastocyst transfers can increase the chance of pregnancy per embryo, while decreasing the risk of multiple pregnancies. 

When can I travel home after embryo transfer?

It is recommended to wait at least 24-48 hours after embryo transfer before travelling back home.

After my IVF treatment, would my pregnancy going to be different in any way to other pregnancies?

No, pregnancies followed fertility treatments should not be any different to ordinary pregnancies.

In case of failed attempt, how long would I have to wait before having a new IVF treatment?

You would need to wait for at least 2 months but preferably 3 months, before starting another IVF cycle.


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