When IUI treatment is recommended?

When infertility tests and diagnostics reveal no diseased spermiogram on the male side, bilateral tubal occlusion or hormonal abnormalities on the female side, the least invasive assisted reproduction method - recommended for the patients - is insemination.

How is IUI done?

As the first step of the ‘Stimulated cycle IUI’ process the patient undergoes hormonal stimulation of the ovaries and next maturation of the dominant eggs are monitored by ultrasound on the appropriate day of the cycle. Upon optimal state of maturity, ovulation is induced with proper timing. Newly supplied sperm secretion is then injected into the uterine cavity.

The procedure is painless, does not require anaesthesia; therefore can be carried out in an office setting.

How long do I have to stay in Hungary in case of IUI treatment?

The average time that you have to spend in Hungary in case of IUI treatment is 5-7 days.

When do I have to arrive to Hungary in case of IUI treatment?

After receiving your personalised IUI treatment plan from our IVF Clinic, you can start the hormonal stimulation even at home with taking stimulation drugs, which are prescribed in your treatment plan. On the 10th day of your IUI cycle, you shall arrive to our Hungarian Clinic.

IUI treatment cost: 610 GBP / 690 EUR 



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