Gastric Balloon treatment

Losing weight successfully in six months? Yes!

Gastric balloon therapy is the perfect solution, since it only needs one firm decision and it brings forth overwhelming results. Being not a surgical procedure, the therapy is entirely free of scars, pain or any other discomfort. With its help we can get rid of larger amounts of excess weight, while it also helps to change the lifestyle, for the therapy serves as a dietary and sporting advisor as well.

Gastric balloon therapy is a transition between the orthodox (diets and different medical appetite suppressants) and the unorthodox (bariatric surgeries) solutions. The basis of this method is a foreign object placed into the stomach by endoscope in order to reduce ingestion.

The gastric balloon forces the wearer to change his or her eating habits. By following a continuously supervised diet, designed by a doctor and a dietitian, considerable weight loss can be achieved.

You can lose 15-25 kg (30 – 55 lbs) of excess weight in six months (the amount of weight loss depends on personal attributes and the adherence to the doctor’s orders).

Gastric balloon can be the ideal choice to:

  • lose excess weight
  • say goodbye to unhealthy lifestyle
  • prevent obesity-related diseases

What is gastric balloon therapy?


The gastric balloon is a flexible, soft item made of silicone, which is specially developed to resist the caustic effect of the gastric acid. It is placed into the stomach by an endoscopic procedure, where it fills a part of the gastric space, simulating a sensation of fullness, thus expediting weight loss.

The length of the six-month gastric balloon therapy was determined by two factors:

Firstly, this is the time needed for learning and getting adjusted to a healthier diet and preventing the so-called yo-yo effect.

Secondly, after five months the body accustoms itself to the balloon, which means a decrease in the rate of weight loss. At this time the removal of the balloon is recommended. It can be left there, since it causes no problems, only the patient will not lose any more weight. The reason behind this is that the human brain can only be “tricked” for about six months to not feel hungry because the stomach is full.

When can the gastric balloon help?

  • If your body mass index is between 30 and 40
  • If your age is between 18 and 60
  • If you are struggling with your weight, but wish to avoid surgical procedure, or in your case it is not possible
  • If you have tried losing weight several times (even with medical help), and after early successes you gained back the lost weight
  • If in addition to the excess weight you also live with one or more comorbidities: e.g. diabetes, joint problems, high blood pressure, heart problems, respiratory arrest during sleep
  • If you are not suffering from an illness which can be the cause of your overweight (e.g. hypothyroidism)

What will change in your life after gastric balloon therapy?

The first and foremost change happens in the lifestyle, since the patient learns a completely new routine as a result of our suppression of the “hunger sensors” in the body. As a result you will eat less in one sitting, while you receive special help in the advices of a dietitian about what, when and how to eat. It is no secret that you have to do the rest of the work, the final result depends on your attitude.

Weight loss and sport are practically synonymous. Without activity losing weight is not only harder, but means risks to the health as well. Therefore it is important that in the beginning you exercise once, then later twice in a week.

When changing your lifestyle you also have to alter your eating habits. This can be characterized by preferring “normal” foods over fatty foods, without carbohydrates if possible. Eating more vegetable and fruit is also important, and you have to pay attention to the frequency and time of meals as well.

Advantages of gastric balloon

  • Overweight-related diseases can partially or entirely cease after even a 25% weight loss
  • It does not cause any permanent alteration in the stomach, after achieving the desired effect it is easily retrievable, and if needed re-implantable
  • The balloon can be used to increase weight loss also if after a strict diet the process of weight loss stops for the patient
  • Gastric balloon is not only an intervention but a change in lifestyle as well. The six-month therapy teaches and familiarizes a healthier diet, and thus prevent the so-called yo-yo effect: the pounds stop coming back, the achieved results is permanent even after a year
  • Another advantage of the gastric balloon is that no hospital stay is required
  • All kinds of food and beverage can be consumed while wearing the balloon, however, to achieve weight loss a change in lifestyle and diet is imperative. The balloon is not a miracle worker, it is a “helping companion” to accomplish change.

With gastric balloon therapy our goal is not only that you lose 15-25 kg in six months, but that you change your lifestyle forever!

The therapy-induced weight loss, regular exercise and a healthier, normal diet means a future with less illness, a balanced lifestyle, and increased life expectancy measurable in years!

Dare to act, it’s worth it!

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