Arrange all communications between you and your surgeon.You don't have to worry about overseas call charges just call us on 0800 756 9494 with your questions, worries or queries and we will contact your doctor and get back to you very soon with the answers.
All our patents are allocated a UK based coordinator,who follows their case from contacting us for the first time through to their after care check-ups.

You can call your coordinator for free on 0800 756 9494 8am-5pm or email them at info@scmedicaltravel.co.uk
You will send her/him your test results that are requested by your surgeon and all the papers that you will need to fill out and she/he will forward them to your doctor.
She/he will confirm all your appointments for consultations and treatments
She/he can arrange any follow up needed between You and your surgeon if you have questions once you return home.

We also provide you with a Hungarian coordinator who is going to be the person you see the most during your stay at Hungary .Her/his duties:

Complimentary airport transfers in private SCMT vehicles not a taxi or 3rd party
All medical transfers including consultations, admission, discharges
You can call her/him 24/7 if you need any kind of help
She/he can visit you in hospital and/or at your hotel to attend your consultations if you wish so, help you with your medications, collect your shopping or just keep you company and answer any further questions you may have.

We undertake all hospital administration procedures to make it stress-free for YOU including, bookings for consultations, surgery dates etc...
We provide you a Hungarian mobile phone ,with all the telephone numbers you might need stored in its memory and with some credit on it. This phone can be with you during your whole stay so it will be easy for YOU to contact us, call a taxi, book a restaurant or order pizza...
We do not charge any extra for a partner to travel with you for transfers.
Hotels and apartments cost just a bit more if You arrive with accompanying.
Read more about our accommodation opportunities...
If requested, we offer and can arrange for sightseeing, tours, excursions and shopping trips for individuals or a number of clients. (to be paid extra by the patient)