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About PRK

What happens during surgery?

What happens after PRK?

How long do I have to stay in Hungary?


About PRK

PRK was the first laser eye treatment invented (in the 1980's) and for a very long time it was the most common laser eye surgery. It is still performed by surgeons because it is a completely safe procedure and sometimes is the only available option for patients who have very thin or flat corneas.
Its disadvantage is a longer recovery time (return to work in 4-8 days), vision can improve only after a few days or few weeks and during the first postoperative days patients often experience discomfort.


What happens during surgery?

PRK is performed with an excimer laser that reshapes the surface of the cornea by removing tiny bits of tissue. This way it precisely changes the refraction of the cornea in the intended direction, correcting either short sightedness (myopia) or long sightedness (hypermetropia) or astigmatism.   

Most people don't feel pain during surgery and it is a very quick procedure, only takes about 15 minutes.

What happens after PRK

You will be resting for a few minutes and when you feel ready, you can leave the clinic with your companion or with your Smart Choice Medical Travel coordinator.

Eye drops will be prescribed for you to use for a few weeks. Your doctor will explain to you what is that you should avoid in the next few days and give you an appointment for a next-day check up. 

How long will I have to stay at Hungary?

Only 5 days are necessary:

DAY 1: You arrive to Hungary and have your eye examination at the clinic
DAY 2: You have your treatment
DAY 3: Check-up
DAY 4: Check-up
DAY 5: After your check-up you can fly back to the UK

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