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Our dentists use revolutionary new technology.
Ask us about pain-free injections.
You'll be pleasantly surprised!

Milestone Scientifics' computer controlled local anaesthetic delivery system eliminates the pain you can feel from an injection.

Many patients believe that needle insertion is what causes discomfort during an injection, when in fact most of the pain is caused by the flow of the anaesthetic.

The mere sight of a dental syringe and the thought of having an injection by the dentist often make patients wish they were somewhere else.

Our practices are commited to providing you with the latest and best advances in dentistry. That's why we are now offering anaesthesia with the "magic" Wand.*

Our dentistry has invested in this state-of-the art equipment from the US which turns numbing into a pleasant experience. Our patients can now choose the Milestone Scientific painless injection system. It doesn't look like a syringe. It doesn't feel like a syringe. It looks more like a pen and supplies the anaesthetic in a slow, easy manner making the process virtually pain-free.

This equipment provides a comfortable, predictable and controllable alternative to traditional syringes, and can be beneficial in just about any situation requiring an anaesthetic injection.

Patient reactions are highly favourable and they report a quicker onset of anaesthesia, and a more profound, but shorter lasting effect. They are amazed to feel no pain, even in those areas of the mouth which might have been expected to be sensitive. This means that for a typical procedure, it anaesthetizes faster, better and also reduces patient anxiety.

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*Available only at the Budapest clinic.
If you would like to receive this treatment please indicate to your co-ordinator prior to consultation.

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