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Most gynaecologic procedures routinely performed today can be carried out by minimally invasive techniques (keyhole surgeries) such as laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. These treatment options are of remarkable importance among the health-care services provided in developed countries. The significance of these procedures lie in that neither the operation nor post-operation recuperation are physically demanding for the patient.




Advantages of endoscopic procedures:

The average operation time for these procedures is similar - or shorter - than that of the equivalent open surgery.

Post-operative complication rates and adhesion formation however are much lower due to small (half inch) incisions made on the abdomen and extremely delicate manipulations applied within the pelvis.

Post-operative recuperation, hospitalization and full recovery following the procedures are reduced tremendously compared to these characteristic of open surgery. Average hospitalization after endoscopy is not more than 2-3 days, while that after classic open surgery is 8 days. Recovery at home is usually 1-2 weeks following endoscopy, whereas it can be as long as 4-6 weeks for patients undergoing open surgery.

Nowadays, in the midst of an accelerated pace of life and competitive workforce environment, most people consider the time away from work due to an illness a significant factor. Gynaecological endoscopy meets these socio-economic criteria. Disadvantages of endoscopy lie in the high costs of instrumentation needed therefore only few centres can afford to maintain a full set of OR instruments including laser to be able to perform across the board laparoscopy and hysteroscopy.


Endoscopic procedures are performed in narcosis following a careful examination and aesthetic consultation. Blood tests, X-ray, ECG and other tests if needed are taken. The method of narcosis is determined by the anaesthesiologist based on the type and predicted length of the procedure and is always consulted with the patient. All procedure types require certain preparation, which are done upon hospitalization.

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