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IVF (In vitro fertilisation) protocol

The treatment protocol is fully tailor-made to each patient but here are the guidelines of what to expect. You can also read our step-by-step guide that tells you all the details from first contacting Smart Choice Medical Travel.

Only two visits are required to Budapest the first one is a 3 day visit, during which you will have your consultation and the pre-treatment screening tests done. The second visit is during the stimulation to monitor the maturity of your follicles and to collect your eggs and transfer back your embryos. This is approximately a 12 day stay. If using your husband's or partner's sperm he will need to be there for the first visit (3 days) and for the day of egg collection (1 day).

1. Your first visit before starting treatment consist of the followings:

initial consultation with our fertility specialist, Dr. Istvan Fulop
review of medical documents and previous results
summary of medical history
female pre-treatment screening
male pre-treatment screening

    2. Second visit, 2 days after first consultation:

    review and discussion of the test results
    deciding on the appropriate assisted reproduction method
    discussion of stimulation protocol (if all results are ready if not it will be send to you at a later date)
    handing over patient consent forms

3. On 1st day of your period start taking contraceptive pill. Why?

4. Around day 18-28 of period stop taking the pill  ( the exact date will be in your personal stimulation protocol)

5. About 3 days later your next period will start. We call this day the 1st day of your IVF cycle. Dr. Fulop will tell you when to start using the stimulating drugs and how to use them.

6. Approximately on the 7th day of your IVF cycle you will have your first ultrasound scan at Budapest to check the maturity and the number of follicles. After that, scans will be repeated every other day and you will be closely monitored by the fertility team.

7. Around the 14th day of the cycle when your follicles reached the optimal size and maturity they will be collected with a very small diameter needle. The procedure is performed under short anaesthesia, so you will not feel any pain, but will be required to spend one night at the clinic in a private recovery room. See photos of the rooms

8. After the egg collection highly qualified embryologists will work on the follicular fluid to find and assess the eggs using a stereomicroscope, then in a laboratory setting place them in a special media and culture dish to ensure optimal environment for the development of the embryos.

9. Semen supplied by the male partner (or by a sperm donor) is then used -following the necessary preparation- to fertilize each egg one by one. 

10. The embryologists monitor the proliferation of the embryos to select the ones demonstrating the best cell division activities and to freeze the unimplanted extra embryos.

11. Transplantation of the fertilized and already proliferating embryos (embryo transfer) takes place 48-72 hours, in same cases 120 hours after egg collection. The embryos are first placed in a special fluid that supports implantation and then are introduced into the uterine cavity through a small diameter catheter. This procedure is painless therefore requires no anaesthesia. During embryo transfer the aim is to optimize the number of embryos transferred by trying to find the minimum number sufficient to result in the desired pregnancy but strive for reducing the potential for multiple pregnancies.

12. You will be resting for a few hours after the embryo transfer. Flying is not recommended for about 24 hours after embryo transfer so you will be able fly home the following day.

13. 14 days after embryo transfer you can do a home pregnancy test. It is not recommended to test before 2 weeks because you can get false results. We know is hard, but be patient!

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