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The process of conception is regulated by an extremely complex mechanism, during which hundreds of hormonal, biological and chemical processes take action in a certain order and timing.

Testicles continuously produce sperms, which mature in the epididymis and then travel through the vagina and the uterus into the fallopian tubes. Upon reaching the tubes sperms have a 24-hour lifecycle during which they need to meet an egg released from the ovary by ovulation, one sperm needs to enter the egg and fertilize it in order for a new life to begin. Then the fertilized egg travels on within the tube for another two days, toward the uterine cavity where it gets implanted into the endometrium following further proliferation and cell division.

IVF is an assisted reproduction technique that is needed when one or more of the above processes is not working properly.

In the first part of the treatment hormonal medications are used in order to produce more than one follicle in the female ovaries. (That will give a better chance of pregnancy than in natural cycles where only one follicle matures) The development of the follicles is closely monitored and when they reach the optimal size egg collection takes place.

Egg collection is usually performed under anaesthesia, so the patient will not feel any pain. During the procedure a very fine needle is used to collect the eggs from each follicle.
After egg collection the already prepared sperms are mixed together with each egg. Fertilised eggs will develop into embryos within the next few days and usually 2-3 days after egg collection the embryos are transferred back into the uterus. Embryo transfer is a painless procedure that takes only about 5-10 minutes. Two weeks after embryo transfer pregnancy test can be done.

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