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1) Call us to arrange an appointment for your first consultation with our fertility specialist at Budapest. You will only need to stay at Budapest for 3 days. We will pre-book your appointment.

2) When you call us with your flight details we can confirm your appointment and arrange your Smart Choice Medical Travel assistant to meet you on your arrival at the Budapest Airport and transfer you to your accommodation.

3) During your short stay at Budapest you will have the consultation. All the tests that are required can be performed at the same time if you haven’t had them done before.
Please note that some blood tests for the female patient need to be done on the 3rd or 4th day of the menstrual period. You can either arrange the consultation for that time or if you prefer you can have the blood tests done in the UK and take the results with you for the consultation.

4) If all the test results are ready before you leave Budapest your fertility specialist will write your prescriptions and you can buy your cheap fertility drugs in Hungary. If not all the results are ready before you leave Hungary we can arrange the delivery of the medications to your UK address.

5) Your IUI cycle starts on the 1st day of your period. On that day you will need to give us a call so we can send you your exact treatment plan with the dates on and book you in for your first ultrasound scan. After you got your scan appointment pencilled in by us you will need to buy your flight tickets and book your accommodation

6) When you got your flight details please give us a call again so we can confirm your scan appointment. To be able to do this you will be required to pay a L100 deposit at this point. You can do this either by calling us with your card details or by using PayPal. It is important to have your deposit paid before your first scan or you will lose your appointment and this may ruin the whole IUI process.

7) You will start taking oral fertility medication on the 3rd day of your cycle as advised by our fertility specialist.

8) Your first scan will be on (or around) the 10th day of your cycle. After that you will be closely monitored by your fertility specialist doctor and his team to make sure that everything is ok and to give you the best chance of having a baby.

9) In 90% of the cases insemination is on the 14th-15th day of the cycle. This is the day when your partner also has to be present if you are going to use his sperm to conceive your baby. If using donor sperm, shipping from the donor bank will be arranged for you.

10) On the same day or the following day you can fly back to the UK.

11) 2 weeks later is time to do a home pregnancy test! Please let us know the result!

For further information on any treatment please contact us.