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IUI is the least invasive assisted reproduction method. IUI is recommended for patients when infertility tests and diagnostics reveal no diseased spermiogram on the male side, bilateral tubal occlusion or hormonal abnormalities on the female side.

IUI can be performed in natural and in stimulated cycles.

Natural cycle means no hormonal stimulation is used, but the development and maturity of the eggs inside the ovaries are monitored with ultrasounds. And insemination is timed based on the monitoring process.

Stimulated cycle means that medication is used to stimulate the ovaries to produce more than one egg and than a hormonal injection is given to induce ovulation. Insemination is 24 hours after the ovulation induction injection.

Generally stimulated (medicated) IUI timeline is the follow:

1. Your first visit before starting treatment consist of the followings:


initial consultation with our fertility specialist, Dr. Istvan Fulop
review of medical documents and previous results
summary of medical history
female pre-treatment screening
male pre-treatment screening


2. Second visit, 2 days after first consultation:


    review and discussion of the test results
    deciding on the appropriate assisted reproduction method
    discussion of stimulation protocol (if all results are ready if not it will be send to you at a later date)
    handing over patient consent forms


3. From the 3rd day of your cycle you will be given hormonal medication (oral)

4. On the 10th day of cycle you will need to be at the fertility clinic so that the fertility team can start monitoring the development of the your eggs by ultrasound

5. About 4-5 days later insemination is performed. If using partner's sperm he will need to be at Budapest for that day

6. On the day of insemination or following day you can fly home.

7.  14 days after insemination you can do a home pregnancy test. It is not recommended to test before 2 weeks because you can get false results. We know is hard, but be patient!

Necessary time to spend at Budapest is 5-6 days for the female partner and only 1-2 days for the male partner.

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