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When you decided to have medical treatment at Hungary you already made a Smart Choice. The even wiser decision you can make is to have your treatment arranged by Smart Choice Medical Travel.


Why Hungary?

It is a well known fact that Hungary has one of the most demanding medical and dental educations in the world.
For a doctor to be able to practice on his/her own in Hungary, they must:

study for a diploma at medical university for 6 years.

After passing the final exams, they become residents at a teaching hospital. It means that they work under close supervision for 3-7 years depending on the speciality they are going for.

After completing their residency they take another exam before gaining their diploma qualifying them to be a full medical surgeon.

In order to continue to be able to practice, they must fulfil the requirement of an average of 50 hours of further education each year (twice as many hours as in most Western countries).

All practising doctors need to have a governmental registration and need to be members of the Hungarian Medical Chamber.



Why Smart Choice Medical Travel?

Although all Hungarian doctors are highly qualified there are special requirements that they need to comply with to be able to offer high quality treatments for patients from outside of Hungary.

they need to be able to communicate with you (speak good English)

they need to be flexible (is different to have a patient who lives on the corner or have a patient from the other side of Europe)

they need to have previous experience in treating foreign people (you don't want to be the first or only British patient)

The surgeries, clinics will need to have very high qualities like state of the art modern technology and facilities ( you don't want to have treatment somewhere they work with 20 years old equipment or where they are using technologies other than the best)

GMC registrations All the dentists and fertility specialists who work with Smart Choice Medical Travel also have GMC (General Medical Council) registrations which enable them to practise in the UK.

It sounds like you have a lot on your hands before choosing where to go to have the treatment you need!

Don't worry, is all have been sorted for you. We carefully selected doctors and clinics who comply with all of these requirements. And there is more!
If you have your treatment at our partner clinics through us you will either pay the same price as you would pay going directly to them or pay even less! Because we work with these clinics as an independent medical service operator we receive discounts from the treatment prices and we always pass these on to you!!
Other than that you benefit from services that you would not get without us! These include: airport transfers, Hungarian mobile phone during your stay, helping you book accommodation, a contact person who you can call 24/7 and who will visit you and help you with everything during your stay at Hungary.

Read more about our free services that will not cost you a penny!