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We place hundreds of implants a month for UK patients

Replacing missing teeth is essential to your overall dental hygiene as a gap leaves the remaining teeth unsupported. These may drift along the jaw line, making brushing and flossing more difficult. Missing teeth can change the shape of your face and make you look older and less healthy.

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Here are some typical options for receiving German implants with tooth replacement of metal fused crowns in which the amount of implants can be altered to your needs.


Standard  Treatment
Treatment starts with 2 days at our Budapest clinic. Stitches removal and implant
liberation are done in London. Later 5
working days are required for fitting of crowns.

Budapest Start
Treatment starts in Budapest with 2 working days.  The rest of the treatment and the final fitting is carried out in London and it needs 4 working days.













London Start
Treatment starts in London with 3 working
day. The rest of the treatment and the final fitting is done in Budapest which needs  5 working days.

London  Treatment
Treatment is entirely carried out at our London clinic, 5 working days are required.


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Alpha-Bio Implant

Now only £480



Implant * Noble Biocare Replace




* = Special price for replacement of one tooth is: cost of Implant + £449 - (surgery + healing abutment + temporary crown + standard implant abutment + porcelain fused to metal crown)

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