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Hysteroscopy is a procedure where the doctor can examine the inside of your uterus.

When is it recommended?

Diagnostic hysteroscopy is recommended when conditions behind such symptoms as menstrual disorder, infertility, repeat miscarriage or pelvic pain are to be revealed. This operative technique also allows the diagnosis of pathology difficult to identify with other methods, like ultrasound or curettage. Such pathology includes polyps, congenital disorders or early stage tumours.

How is hysteroscopy performed?

During hysteroscopy an optic instrument is inserted vaginally through the cervix into the uterine cavity, which is distended by gas or fluid. The hysteroscope enables the surgeon to thoroughly and carefully examine the inner surface and layer of the uterus.

During operative hysteroscopy special instruments are introduced into the uterine cavity in order to take sample of the endometrium easily and painlessly for microscopic analysis. Parallel to diagnosing, it is also possible to perform minor procedures like removal of polyps, small fibroids and septa as well as adhesions. If curettage is needed as well then the patient is informed prior to the procedure and asked for consent.


Hysteroscopy is performed under anaesthesia.Management of pain can be in the form of medication, local anaesthesia or short narcosis. The choice depends on the pain resistance of the patient as well as the anatomic conditions. Detailed information on anaesthesia is provided to the patient by the anaesthesiologist during consultation.
Hysteroscopy requires one day hospitalization, unless combined with other treatment.

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