How to save money on IVF medication?

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How to save money on IVF medication?



Fertility drugs can cost a smaller fortune, but there are a number of ways how you can save money if you have infertility treatment with Smart Choice Medical Travel.

1, Buy your medication in Hungary
After your consultation with our fertility specialist if all the required test results are ready before you leave Hungary you can buy your medication at Budapest

2, Get your medication delivered to your UK address from Hungary

You don't have to worry if your tests are not ready before you leave Hungary. After the fertility specialist receives the test results he can write the prescriptions for you and we can order the fertility drugs from one of our partner pharmacies in Budapest. The medication can be delivered straight to your door.

3, Buy your fertility medications in the UK

From the 3rd of November 2008 British pharmacies are able to dispense medication prescribed by a doctor registered in any European Union country.

Is always worth shopping around for medications before you decide where to get them from as there can be big differences in prices!


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