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General questions
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General questions:

Can I have fertility treatment if I am single?

Yes, you can, but first you will need to have an initial consultation with our fertility specialist in Budapest and you will also have to have the pre-screening tests done.


Can we have fertility treatment if I me and my partner are not married?

Yes, You can but you will need to have proof of co-habiting and neither of you can be married to someone else.


I am over 45.Can I have fertility treatment? Is there an age limit at Hungary for women undergoing fertility treatments?

There isn't an age limit by the Hungarian law; however there are a number of things that you need to consider before deciding to have fertility treatment. The older you are when you have fertility treatment the smaller chance you have to get pregnant and the risk of having complications during pregnancy and birth is higher.


Can lesbian women have donor insemination or other fertility treatment at your partner clinic?

Yes. Same sex relationships are not recognised by law in Hungary, so lesbian woman are treated as single women even if they live in a partnership.


Is there a waiting list? How long would I have to wait before IVF?

There is no waiting list for IVF. Most of our patients have there first initial consultation with our fertility specialist within a month of first contacting us and they usually start treatment the following month.


About donor sperm and donor eggs

Can I have treatment with donated eggs or with donated sperm?

Yes, you can. To read more about donors please read our Donor gametes page


Are sperm donors anonymous in Hungary?

Yes, all sperm donors are anonymous and there is no way for the recipient or for the child conceived with donor sperm to identify the donor's identity.


Is there a waiting list for sperm donors?

No, there is no waiting list and there is a wide selection of donors available. If for any reason there isn't suitable donor for your requirement, the donor bank has also access for international donors for a small extra charge.


Who can be a sperm donor in Hungary? What is the screening process for sperm donors?

Only males, under the age of 35 who are absolutely healthy can become donors! Consequently, the check-up of donors is a multi-stage process. The donor bank performs a detailed medical examination. The first step of the medical examination is an andrological check-up linked to a sperm examination. This is followed by a genetical and psychological examination. It is not acceptable that a donor may suffer from hereditary diseases; likewise, he should be completely healthy mentally as well. Parallel with this the sperm bank is convinced by means of laboratory examinations that the candidate does not carry diseases which could be transmitted sexually. The AIDS test has a great importance among these check-ups. If so far the candidate complies with the requirements, he gains admittance into the donor bank where he is handled anonymously and recognised only by a code number.


Are egg donors anonymous in Hungary?

There are anonymous egg donors but not many and if you are thinking of using eggs for your IVF treatment from an anonymous donor than the best thing to do is let us know so that we can enquiry from the clinic if there is a suitable match for you.


Can I use my sister's or other relatives' donated eggs?

Yes, you can use your or your husband's relatives' donated eggs for your IVF treatment.


Who can be an egg donor in Hungary?

Egg donor can be a person who is younger than 35, gave birth to at least one child and who is absolutely healthy. Egg donors can be anonymous or can be a relative of the recipient or relative of the recipient's husband.


Can embryos from donated eggs or donated sperms be frozen?

Yes, embryos can be frozen for the maximum of 10 years.


How many embryos can be transferred to the recipient?

Maximum 4 embryos can be transferred.



About IVF?

Why do I have to stay at Budapest for 12 days when other international clinics offer IVF with shorter stay?

Our main concern is always the health and safety of our patients. When we have chosen the clinics we work with it was very important to choose clinics and doctors who also think that their patient wellbeing comes first.
Fertility treatments-like any other medical intervention- carry a risk, even if it is just a very small risk. Staying at Budapest for a week before egg collection is important because this way the medical team can monitor you very closely. They will see you every other day for ultrasound scans (and on some of the days for blood tests) to make sure that everything is ok and that your follicles development is optimal.
This not only keeps you safe from complications but it also gives you a better chance of having a baby.


How can IVF be so cheap at your clinic?

Living costs are generally much lower in Hungary than in the UK. People earn less money than in the UK, so all the prices are also lower. This of course does not mean that the treatments would be any different to the ones in the UK. (Medications, medical equipments and procedures are all the same or very similar to the ones used in the UK)


Where can I buy my IVF medication?

You can buy your fertility medication either in the UK or in Hungary. Find out more..


How many embryos can be implanted at one IVF cycle?

Maximum 4 embryos can be implanted. The number of embryos implanted will depend on a number of factors (age of patient, number of previous IVF treatment, and quality of embryos) and will always be a joint decision between the doctor and the patient.


What happens with my embryos that are not implanted?

Embryos can be frozen with a special technique. Later they can be thawed and transferred into your uterus with a process similar to IVF but without the hormonal stimulation.


How long can my embryos remain frozen?

Maximum for 10 years


What is ICSI? When is it needed?

ICSI (Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is a fertility reproduction technique that can be used with conventional IVF. It involves the injection of one single sperm into the egg. It is necessary to have ICSI if there is a problem with sperm and it would not be able to fertilise the egg otherwise. Read more about ICSI


What is AHA? When is it needed?

AHA (assisted hatching) is a reproductive technique that can significantly increase the success rate of IVF. With AHA before embryo transfer a tiny hole is made on the outside layer of the embryo's "shell" making it easier for it to attach to the wall of the uterus, therefore increasing the chances of pregnancy. It is recommended over the age of 35 or after 2 unsuccessful conventional IVF cycles.


Why do I have to take the contraceptive pill before IVF when I am trying to get pregnant?

It is necessary to down regulate your body before the actual IVF cycle starts. It is like starting with a new page, giving it a fresh start.
It also helps to make your treatment plan more accurate, because by taking the contraceptive pill you will know when your period will start and it will be simpler to plan ahead.


What is a blastocyst?

Blastocyst is a 5 days old embryo that has around 70-100 cells. Blastocyst transfer is just like conventional embryo transfer only the embryo is more developed so chances of pregnancy are higher.


How long after embryo transfer can I fly home?

It is recommended to wait 24 hours before flying long haul. Budapest is only 2 and a half hours away but we still recommend our patients to have a day rest after there embryo transfer and only fly home a day later.


If I become pregnant is my pregnancy going to be different in any way to other pregnancies?

NO, pregnancies followed fertility treatments should not be any different to ordinary pregnancies.


If I don't become pregnant how long will I have to wait before trying again?

You will need to wait for at least 2 months but preferably 3 months, before starting another IVF cycle.



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