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Is very important to know that although IVF is a very successful fertility treatment it is also a very emotional journey.
You can often hear people calling IVF an emotional rollercoaster, which is a perfect description of what you will experience once you start the process.
To start with you will be very excited which is absolutely understandable because you get very close to be a mum and to have your dreams come true. It does not matter if this is going to be your 1st or your 5th attempt to conceive you are going to be just as much exited.

After you start the process, you will need to use hormonal medicines to help your ovaries produce more eggs than in an ordinary cycle. Yes, hormones. They will affect you in a way that you probably have never imagined before. One minute you will be laughing with joy, day dreaming about your baby and the next you will be feeling very low, crying or feeling angry for not being able to get pregnant like other women around you.
It can be very hard on relationships too so, if you have a partner or someone who is supporting you during stimulation tell them to be prepared to sit in the rollercoaster with you.

If you are scared of needles it can also be a challenge to overcome your fears as you will need daily injections.
On some days you will also experience physical discomforts like nausea, headaches or tiredness.
Yet is something you are prepared to go through, because you know that this might be your only chance of being a parent and have your long wanted baby and family.

We know how hard this journey has so far been for you and that you already been through a lot before you reached us. This is why we at Smart Choice Medical Travel will do everything in our power to make this experience for you as smooth and comfortable as it is possible.
We are among those few medical travel operators who DO OFFER COUNSELING to our patients. If you feel like you would like to talk to our counsellor please let us know prior to your first consultation with the fertility specialist so that we can book you in for a session. Although the cost of counselling is not included in the price of fertility treatments- as not everyone wishes to participate-, it only carries a small charge of around £50.

We believe that every woman has the right to experience the joys of motherhood an we will do everything to make sure that you have the very best chances of becoming pregnant and to have a beautiful, healthy baby!

We are not saying that it is going to be an easy walk, but we will be here to support you all the way through to your happy ending!