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If you have a broken or weakened tooth, a crown can give the tooth a new lease on life. A bridge is made up of artificial teeth which are permanently fixed to healthy supporting teeth by crowns. Metal free options are also available.

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Here are some typical options for receiving metal-fused crowns in which the amount of crowns can be altered to your needs.

Standard  Treatment
Treatment is entirely carried out at our Budapest clinic, 6 working days stay are required.

Budapest Start
Treatment starts in Budapest with 4 working days.  2 weeks later the final fitting is done in London.

London Start
Treatment starts in London with 1 working day.  2 weeks later 3 working days are
required for final fitting in Budapest.

London  Treatment
Treatment is entirely carried out at our London clinic, 4 working days are required.


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Temporary crown per teeth




Aesthetic shoulder porcelain




Crown, Bridge (porcelain fused to metal, per tooth)




Crown, Bridge (porcelain fused to gold – gold not included (approximately 3,5 gramm/crown)




Crown (Procera, per tooth)




Primar and Secunder telescopic crowns




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