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What is AHA?

Eggs and embryos following fertilization are surrounded by a protective shell called zona pellucida. This shell plays a key role in the process of fertilization as out of the numerous sperms reaching the egg only one can enter it to complete fertilization. Furthermore, this layer protects the egg as well as the pre-embryo from the immunological and mechanical effects while it travels in the tube toward the uterine cavity.

In order for the egg to be implanted in the endometrium upon reaching the uterus, it needs to "hatch" from this protecting shell. Usually it takes place on day 5, when the embryo is in blastocyst stage. As the embryo grows it bursts open the shell; if for some reason this does not occur then the embryo is unable to get implanted and will perish.

Assisted hatching (AHA) is a micromanipulation process whereby a small hole is made on the zone pellucida surrounding the embryo directly before transplantation. This small hole assists with the embryo's hatching and implantation afterwards.

This method can significantly increase the success rate of IVF procedures.

When is AHA needed?


age 35 and above
following two unsuccessful IVF cycles
when microscopic measuring suggests thick zona pellucida.

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AHA - assisted hatching








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